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Dear Deline

I would just like to take this opportunity to recognize one of your staff members.  What a phenomenal person she is.  Celeste has assisted me from day one when I contacted your offices to enquire about the procedures to purchase a vehicle being financed by the bank.

After excellent news from my bank pre approving me for a vehicle, Celeste engaged with the Port-folio manager to ensure my application is done within the fastest time ever.  Due to my bank already having my details there was no need to complete any applications.  With the greatest shock, my bank declined my application as according to them the vehicle was over the model age which they would have covered my application for – this after me phoning them and enquiring the allowance last year December.

I thought my world came tumbling down, as I did not know what I supposed to do now – we have bid on a vehicle and we had no finance to pay for it.  After the declining email was sent to me and Celeste, she immediately phoned me advising me that I should not worry.  She will help me to complete an application form and then she will forward this to other banks to see if they will be willing to assist me.  She even then provided me with her cell phone number (which according to me she did not have to do) so that I could contact her if there was anything I was not sure about.  Last night, 8 o clock – this is her personal family time – she did not hesitate to take my phone call to re-assure me that she is doing everything possible to get me the finance I require.

What a relief I had when I signed on this morning to my email – in my mail box, there was a note from Celeste advising me that not 1, but 2 banks came back making me an offer to finance my vehicle through them.  Celeste searched for the best interest rate for my personal needs and then submitted my applications.  You can imagine my excitement when she advised me at 3PM today that she has everything sorted and that I just needed to supply her with my insurance proof then I could collect the car.
Just when I thought I have exhausted all her kindness she sat until 5:45PM this evening and waited for me to come and collect the vehicle.(we were running a bit late J)  she could have advised me to come and rather collect tomorrow, but she didn`t – yet again offering her personal Family time for me, a stranger.  You hardly get any people these days to do that.

Celeste is an awesome super star and if it was not for her, I would not have been able to drive my new Fancy Car.  She is a real asset to your company and she surely lived each and every aspect of putting her customer first and making us the centre of attention.  I would recommend Celeste to all my acquaintances as her professionalism and excellent service gave me the surety that I had nothing to worry about, there was someone else taking care of my stress and worries.

There are not enough words to describe how fantastic and wonderful she is.  I hope that she can be acknowledge and even maybe rewarded for her excellent customer service.
There should be more people like Celeste as this will make our world definitely a better place.

Thank you once again for the Excellent Customer Service Celeste!!!!!

Mariska Van Wyk
Manager Chargebacks Acquiring
Payment Processing Centre
Group Operations Shared Services
Standard Bank

Hi Lizette,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the most efficient service I received from you . The speed at which you got my loan approved and your constant feedback was much appreciated.

Wishing you and your family the best festive season!

Best regards


Thank you very much. Your service is excellent, keep it up.

Best regards,
Maremane Tsotetsi