About Auction Finance

Auction Finance provides a range of financial services tailored to:

  • The Auction Industry
  • Car & Asset Finance
  • Leisure Finance
  • Private to Private Transaction Finance
  • Refinance
  • Wholesale Dealer Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Yellow Metal Finance
  • and Non Bank-approved Dealer Finance

Looking to buy at an auction? We will arrange pre-approved finance prior to the auction ensuring you can bid with confidence, knowing your finance is in place. 

Our partnership with the financial institutions ensures that we can facilitate finance for commercial transactions, as well as private-to-private transactions. Want to refinance that residual on your vehicle? Look no further! If you are a non-approved dealer, we will assist your customers with finance that will suit their pockets and help you get the deal done!  WhatsApp helpline: +27 67 367 4837