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Shortfall Cover

Need a little financial support? We’ve got you covered,

Have your vehicle covered in full when there is a shortfall between what your Short-Term Insurer pays out and what is still owed to the bank.

Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

Roadside assistance wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Peace of mind when there is a sudden and unforeseen breakage of components like Engine, Gearbox, ext.

Death & Disability Cover

Get death and disability cover through auction finance.

Make it easier on you and your family having to meet vehicle repayments in the case of death or disability.

Dent & Scratch Products

Hassle-free scratch and dent care from Auction Finance.

Care for your vehicle and up the re-selling price with cover for the day-to-day damages like stone chips, scratches, tar removal, etc. 

Deposit Cover

Get your deposit back!

Life happens – Ensure you have a deposit in the event of you need to replace your vehicle sooner than what you thought.

Retrenchment Cover

Life catch you by surprise? We’re here to help!

Cover for those times when you are involuntary retrenched – you need to focus on finding a new job rather than on how to do repayments on your vehicle.

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Not available for ITC listed or individuals under debt review

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